Residential & Commercial Professional Roofing

Sunset Roofers can help with your residential or commercial roofing needs in Laredo Texas. From small repairs to complete re-roofs, we are your best choice. 

How to Know if your Home Needs Roof Maintenance

It is important to fix any potential roof damage as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration of your roof and house. Remember that your home insurance might cover the costs of fixing your roof. If you spot any of the below examples on your roof give us a call at 956-307-6123 to schedule an inspection and estimate.



Commercial Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance will extend the life of your roof and prevent expensive repairs. It is important to clean drains and scuppers to prevent water accumulation and deterioration. Protect your business this rainy season and prevent slippery floors and water damage caused by unwanted leaks.

We offer roof cleaning and maintenance solutions for your commercial building. Choose our biyearly or triannual maintenance and keep your roof in top shape. With every maintenance you will get a detailed report and pictures of the work performed. 

Give us a call at 956-307-6123 to schedule a roof inspection for your commercial building. We are insured.


Fix your Flat Roof 

Flat roofs have very little slope for water to run therefore requiring a completely sealed surface with no nails. A professional installation and proper material is important. If you spot cracking on the roof or have water leaks inside give us a call at 956-307-6123 to schedule an estimate for repair or maintenance. 

Flat roofs must have proper drainage to avoid potential water damage. If the drainage/scupper is too small, water will accumulate and filter through. If you think your roof might require drainage/scupper modification call us for a consultation and estimate at 956-307-6123.


Life Tile Roof 

Proper maintenance is important for a long lasting life tile roof. Damaged life tiles must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid deterioration of the underlayment and future water leaks.

During installation most roofers will install minimal required standards underlayment. We offer you the option of this or a longer lasting higher quality underlayment.  If a minimum standards underlayment was used in your house and your roof is around 15-20 years old it may be in need of replacing the underlayment.

If the ridge is mortar sealed, maintenance must be performed when noticeable cracking or crumbling of the mortar occurs. When mortar is damaged, blowing rain can filter through causing unwanted leaks and damage. 

Give us a call at 956-307-6123 for an inspection and estimate.

Before & Afters

These are some of our works' before and after photos. Our customers receive before, work in progress and after photos of their roofing project. 


  • Before


  • Before
  • Before


  • Before
  • Before


  • Before


Give us a call at 956-307-6123 for an inspection and estimate.


About Sunset Roofers

We have served the Laredo community for over 11 years and take great pride in the quality of our work.  Our continued business and customer loyalty has demonstrated our dependability and honesty, our work is our recommendation. 

We specialize in repairing and re-roofing houses, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and warehouses.  From small repairs to complete roof replacements we are the solution to your roof problems. Let us help you with your next roofing project.  Trust us for your home roof replacement and remember we offer a 2 year warranty on re-roofs.